Certified Auto RepairHaving car problems? Does the family vehicle feel like it lacks power? In the past, finding a qualified, reputable auto technician was hit or miss. Not anymore. When it comes to finding expert repair and maintenance, all you need to do is find a certified auto repair shop. These professionals are motivated to provide the very best and most experienced auto repair services. ASE certified auto repair members consider their customer’s satisfaction as their top priority.

What is Certified Auto Repair?

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a non-profit national institute, developed the Certified Auto Repair program. Since 1972 the ASE has worked hard to improve the quality of auto repair and maintenance by testing, then certifying those who are the best of the best.

ASE Requirements

Automotive repair professionals are tested by the ASE in all of the major specialized areas of auto service and repair. Those that become Certified Auto Repair members are required to maintain a standard of excellence that’s unequaled. Certified Auto Repair branded establishments are locally owned and operated. However, they are part of one of the most respected and largest groups of exceptional quality repair shops in the country.

Why is it Important to Have Certified Auto Repair?

It’s a requirement that Certified Auto Repair members employ ASE Certified technicians. This ensures that you will receive the best in service and expertise. ASE Certified technicians also receive unparalleled training, including the latest cutting-edge maintenance and repair strategies. Also, the ASE requires that their technicians re-test every five years to keep them up to date with the latest technologies. All Certified shops have at least one ASE Certified technician on site.

Added Benefit of Choosing Certified Auto Repair

Certified Auto Repair shops offer a nationwide Worry Free Warranty that is recognized at over 35,000 repair centers across the country. This warranty covers the majority of repairs carried out by Certified Auto Repair centers.

How to Find a Certified Auto Repair Shop

Not just any repair shop can be a Certified Auto Repair center. Certified auto shops must meet a strict set of guidelines to be considered for the renown Certified Auto Repair program. These facilities embody the standard of quality held by one of the most respected nationwide networks of auto repair professionals in the nation.

When it’s time for your automobile maintenance or repair, find a certified auto repair shop. That’s where we come in. Call us today to make an appointment, or stop by to meet us in person. We’re happy to serve you.


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